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201 Duncan St, Ashland, VA  23005 (Virginia Biotech Center)

Contact - (804) 399-2552

Ultrasonic Probe, LLC (DBA: USProbe) is applying advanced technologies to address unresolved medical needs in the dental industry.  Building on over 30 man-years of experience in the dental industry and partnering with premier technology institutions, the company is prepared to provide a novel and unique capability to dental professionals around the world.  

The Problem

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Manual probing is tool that allows a dental professional to gather information on a patient, but its downfalls are that it is:

•Has the risk of cross contamination
•Slow, manual & inefficient
•Inaccurate and subjective
•Often not done

The Solution

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Ultrasound is easy to use, simply run the device along the gum line and record the information.  It is:

•Highly accurate 
•Fully automated
Comes with sophisticated charting software 

Current Status

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Hardware - The Hardware is currently undergoing human testing at two universities under IRB approval.

Software - The software is currently in beta and is being tested by dentists in the United States only at this time.